Art Buzz January 19, 2012: Art History On Display At Columbus Museum of Art Caravaggio & Monet to Matisse exhibits



Art History On Display At Columbus Museum Of Art

Source: ONN TV, 1-19-12

discover ohioBright colors, broad brush strokes and the height of Impressionism art graces the wall on one side of the Columbus Museum of Art.

Dark colors, human expressions and realistic settings grace the other walls.

“I think both exhibitions have been extremely popular, because they speak to different human needs and responses,” said Dominique Vasseur, Columbus Museum of Art curator.

Right now, art lovers can experience the best of both worlds at the museum, ONN’s Lisa Smith reported.

The Caravaggio exhibit is in recognition of the city’s bicentennial.

The famous painting, “behold the man” is on loan from Columbus’ sister-city in Genoa, Italy. It depicts Jesus and Pontius Pilot.

“He’s presenting Christ to the people, immediately before Christ’s crucifixion,” Vasseur said.

The face of Pontius Pilot is artist Michaelangelo Caravaggio.

“He was an extremely clever artist,” Vasseur said. “He was a very, very bright man. I think he took a great deal of pleasure in putting himself into his paintings. He was going to show the art establishment that Michaelangelo (Buonarroti) was not the only Michaelangelo in town and that he was going to equal him.”

The two exhibits cover several centuries of artistic masterpieces. You can look at art from the 17th century all the way up to the 20th century.

“Monet to Matisse” includes remarkable paintings by Claude Monet, Henri Matisse and others. It is all part of a 78 piece private collection.

“Most people love Monet and French Impressionists,” Vasseur said. “They love the color and they love the mood. I think there’s a timelessness about Impressionism that’s never going to become stale.”

This is the 20th anniversary of the Sirak Collection at the Columbus Museum of Art which features Monet and other works.

That exhibit runs through May 13, but the Caravaggio exhibit ends February 12.

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