Art Buzz February 1, 2012: ‘Making History: Antiquaries in Britain’ at Yale University’s Center for British Art



‘Making History: Antiquaries in Britain’ At Yale

Magna Carta, Local Domesday Book, Bronze Age Shield Among Items On Display

Source: The Hartford Courant, 2-1-12

"Saint Augustine's Gate, Canterbury"

“Saint Augustine’s Gate, Canterbury” by J.M.W. Turner, 1793, watercolor and graphite on cream wove paper. (Yale Center for British Art / February 1, 2008)

History is changing all the time. A new artifact is discovered that shines a light on a previously murky period of antiquity. Then new details are learned about that era, altering how we perceive that artifact. Real history is revealed, myths fall away. The cycle of discovery and rediscovery is neverending.

These themes come to the fore in the new exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven. “Making History: Antiquaries in Britain” is a celebration of the Society of Antiquaries of London, the 205-year-old organization dedicated to preserving documents and relics from all eras of British history.

“Things are constantly being rethought by archaeologists,” said John Lewis, co-curator of the exhibit, while pointing to a Bronze Age shield, circa 1300-1100 BC. “Swords, shields and spears can develop myths and lineages of their own.”…READ MORE

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