Art Buzz April 20, 2013: The Books that Shaped Art History – Review



The Books that Shaped Art History – review

The essayists are bound by connections in this thrilling account of the history of 20th-century art

Source: Guardian UK, 4-20-13

The Bathers by Paul Cezanne

Form meets colour … A detail from The Bathers by Paul Cézanne (1894-1905). Photograph: Corbis

How strangely comforting it is to learn that a book as important as Roger Fry’s Cézanne slipped into the world in less than stellar circumstances. It was first published in 1926 in a French magazine with virtually no illustrations, and all Fry received in return was a handful of free copies. Even when his friends Virginia and Leonard Woolf came to the rescue a year later and did an English version for their Hogarth Press, Cézanne: A Study of His Development, it left a lot to be desired. There were pictures this time, but laid out so crazily that even the mildest reader might feel annoyed at having to flip back and forth to find what they were after….READ MORE