Art Buzz January 21, 2012: The history of Kansas railways is shown in an art exhibit on display at the Great Overland Station of Topeka in the Fink Exhibit Gallery



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Source: Washburn Review, 1-21-12

train, overland stationLinnzi Fusco, Washburn Review

Art History: The history of Kansas railways is shown in an art exhibit on display now through Jan. 28 at the Great Overland Station in NOTO.

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The Great Overland Station of Topeka is showing off a grand collection of Kansas’ railroad history. The Station will be showing the exhibit “The People’s Kind of Railroad: The Santa Fe, the City, the State, and the Nation,” in the Fink Exhibit Gallery through Jan. 28.

The Great Overland Station, located in the North Topeka Arts District, is a preserved historical landmark of Kansas history, as well as a museum and education center. It hosts many exhibits, programs and activities such as senior proms for local high schools. The station first opened in January of 1927 and reopened in 2004 as The Great Overland Station Museum, with over 125 trains still passing through every day.

On the upper level of the station is where you will find the Fink Exhibit Gallery. This exhibit shows the history of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, which is now the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, throughout its 152-year history.

The exhibit, which takes up the entirety of the space allotted, is a room full of rich Kansas history. The exhibit was made possible by a grant provided by the Kansas Humanities Council.

“This is an exhibit I’ve wanted to do since before the station even opened,” said Beth Fager, campaign director and exhibit coordinator for the Great Overland Station. “It’s important to the livelihood of Topeka.”…READ MORE