Art Buzz January 31, 2012: Bob Schiffauer: Black History Month Torchbearers Art exhibit peers into forgotten past





Art exhibit peers into forgotten past

Source: Texas A&M The Battalion, 1-31-12

Bob Schiffauer

David Godinez — THE BATTALION

Artist and architecture professor Bob Schiffauer adjusts pieces of his portrait series “Torchbearers” at the Wright Gallery.


A&M’s 2012 campus celebration of Black History Month begins with artistic tributes to the greats of African-American history.


Opening Wednesday, architecture professor Bob Schiffauer’s “Torchbearers” portrait series will be on display in the Langford Architecture Building’s Wright Gallery through Feb. 28. Among other influential icons, the gallery features Charles Gordone, the first African-American to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. After retiring from acting and directing, Gordone came to A&M to serve as professor of English and theatre from 1987 to 1995.


A symbolic sculpture of Gordone stands prominently in the center of the exhibit. Also featured are drawings of a western play that Gordone and his wife, Susan, were creating before he died in 1995. Mrs. Gordone saved her husband’s writings and has worked with Schiffauer and his students to recreate the play through artwork.


“When somebody leaves behind this kind of a work, you don’t want to leave it in a box collecting dust,” Mrs. Gordone said. “He gave the last nine years of his life to these students and he loved it. I think there is still something to be learned from his last works.”


Mrs. Gordone and Schiffauer share the motivation is to shed light on the “beautiful and sometimes overlooked history of America.” Mrs. Gordone quoted a phrase that she said captures the meaning of the display.


“What we are trying to do through portraiture is bring these people back into


history,” Mrs. Gordone said. “These were the people whose contribution to making America a more free and just society is so enormous that to not remember may be even losing rights they fought for.”…READ MORE